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Production of mixtures, concentrates and additives for bakery and pastry.
Thermal processing of cereals - Extrusion.
Proven quality - ISO 9001 and HACCP systems.


PEKS-CENTAR D.O.O. is founded in 1996 as a company in Zagreb, based in Jastrebarsko, Trešnjevka. 43. According to the organizational scheme and ownership structure - the legal form is a limited liability company, and the founder of the company and the sole owner of the company is Mirko Vitković from Jastrebarsko. PEKS-CENTAR D.O.O. deals with the following activities: production of other foodstuffs, wholesale and retail trade, expert, technological service for bakery, pastry and hotel industry.

PEKS-CENTAR D.O.O. operates in its own business premises in Jastrebarsko, which consists of exhibition and sales halls, office premises, production facilities and shop. The business object is very attractive and located in a very frequented place - a hub of roads between the north and south of Croatia. The business of the company takes place on the market of the Republic of Croatia and beyond, and in its work since its inception to date with its own delivery network has gained the trust of many permanent customers - bakers and confectioners, and regularly supplies them with all the necessary raw materials and small inventory.

The previous work, expeditiousness and commitment have caused the PEKS-CENTAR D.O.O. grew into a very stable and respectable company that has a future in this area together with its partners. With ambitiousness, investment, work and knowledge, we are confident in achieving even better business results, to our satisfaction and above all to our business partners.



Additives - powder improvers are used for better technological processing and improved baking of all types of bread, pastry and other bakery products, in terms of improving the quality of finished products, increasing volume and keeping freshness.


Ready mixtures are used for easy and quick preparation of various bakery products of high nutritional value, high quality organoleptic properties, extended freshness and durability. Yeast and water are added to make finished products.


Concentrates are used for easy and quick preparation of various bakery products of high nutritional value, high quality organoleptic properties, extended freshness and durability. It is necessary to add flour, yeast and water to make ready-made products.


Other products such as seedlings, decorative sugars, vanilla sugar, poppy and walnut fillls, vanilla cream for cakes etc. are listed here.


The satisfaction of our customers is a fundamental prerequisite for survival in the market, development of the company and security of our employees' employment. As its main goal, Peks Centar d.o.o. sets the highest standards in production so that it fully meets customer requirements and expectations. It is trying to maximize the optimization of the spending of funds in existing processes, with the satisfaction of our employees and suppliers. 

The rules of quality management and food safety are the basic document for the company's business policy. The Rules and Related System Documentation, all processes and activities that may directly or indirectly affect the assurance of the contractual quality of our products, as well as the responsibilities and powers for their implementation are prescribed.

The Quality Management Standards apply:

- standards requirements of the Quality Management System EN ISO 9001: 2015 

- the principles laid down in the EN ISO 9001: 2015 Food Instruction Guide 

- Codex allimentarius prince 

Application of Quality Management Standards at Peks Centar d.o.o. starts on 18.10.2006. 


12.07.2018. [New catalogue]

We've uploaded a new updated catalog for the possibility to download in PDF format. You can find it in the "About us" all the way down under "Catalog".

03.07.2018. [Kosher certificate]

We inform you that our product "Flipeks" now has a Kosher certificate.

12.09.2017. [English version]

The English version of the website was released. You can select it in the top right-hand menu by clicking on "ENG". Back to Croatian language by clicking on "HR".

07.09.2017. [New Certificates]

New ISO 9001: 2015 and HACCP certificates can be viewed and downloaded in PDF format on our website at link: and below under Quality.

08.06.2017. [HACCP, ISO]

On date 07.06.2017. we have successfully re-certified the system according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and HACCP principles. From now on we work with CroCert auditors and soon we will get new CroCert and IQNet certificates!

23.02.2017. A new website was launched.

15.02.2017. We're working on a redesign of website.

01.12.2016. Video commercial. Here you can see the video advertisement:

13.11.2013. Plaketa Grada Jastrebarsko

The celebration of the Day of the City of Jastrebarsko was held at the Princess Center in front of more than 300 guests, addressed by the Minister of Environmental Protection and Nature Mihael Zmajlovic. The session was opened by the President of the City Council Željka Kovačić. At the solemn Session, prizes and plaques of the City have traditionally been awarded, and a life reward for prominent individuals. The prize for the city was received by the kindergarten "Radost", the DVD Cvetkovic, Đurđica Hočevar Medvedovski and Vocal ensemble Gouriena. The Plaque of the City was awarded to Zvonimir Bajda, Petar Budinšćak (posthumously), Miljenko Guliš, Peks centar d.o.o. and Ivan Šlat, while Zvonimir Celinšćak received the Lifetime Achievement Award.


Trešnjevka 43
10450 Jastrebarsko

Phone: +385 1 6284 240
Fax: +385 1 6284 240